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Before, estimating construction is done manually by hand. The more experienced a contractor is, the better their estimate is. However, this method is time consuming and is not that consistent and accurate.

With today’s technology, estimating or takeoff software is now being used by most contractors to make this process easier. Simply key in real world data such as costs and schedules and the program will do the rest of the computing to attain a more reliable estimate. There are lots of advantages both the contractor and the client can enjoy with the use of estimating software. Read along to learn more.


One of the features that estimating software can boast is its speed. Computers are generally faster than humans when it comes to calculating. Good estimating program such as Buildxact takeoff software helps a contractor save a lot of time and resources in the estimation process. Just input the necessary details into the program and let it do the rest for a realistic estimate on any construction project.


Estimating software can keep data from the previous computations and you can use these over again for your next project estimate. Contractors don’t need to keep guessing on new data to input since it is already stored in advance. Prices and costs vary through time so a contractor can simply update the stored information and get the right estimate.


Accuracy is also one of the best things a computer can offer. Compared to manually done calculations, computers eliminate human errors which lead to more accurate estimates. However, the contractor must also do his part in this process. The accuracy of a computer’s computation relies greatly on the data that is inputted by the contractor. With this, the contractor should be well aware of the real labour and materials cost, equipment and everything else that is needed to complete the project. Knowing the accurate estimate early on helps a contractor bid at the right price.

Aids Project Management

Aside from computing estimates, good estimating software also helps a lot in project management. The computed estimate can be used to track job costs and serve as a road map on how to work with the project on schedule. It also helps in purchasing materials and equipment needed in advance so that everything is ready when the construction begins.


Simply put, clients would always want to work with contractors who exude professionalism in their field. When it comes to estimating, clients are more likely to opt for contractors who use estimating software and show detailed and accurate estimates rather than those who use less detailed manual computation. Incorporating technology into any field of specialization streamlines almost all the processes for the most optimum quality of service.

Estimating software really contributes a lot in the field of construction. Not only it helps yield the best calculated estimate, it also lessens the number of costly errors and achieves a smoother and better project management in general.

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